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Say It Right: “What Is the Wi-Fi Password?”

It doesn’t matter how tired I am; I’ve asked this at 6 am after rolling off a 12-hour red-eye trip. I need my Facebook fix, goddamnit.

(I’ve noticed in some instances, the word for ‘password’ can be interchanged with the word for ‘code’ and ‘key.’ There’s always more than one way to get the point across!)

French: Quel est le mot de passe pour le Wi-Fi?
Spanish: Cual es la clave del Wi-Fi?
Arabic: ما كلمة السر الخاصة بخدمة واي فاي؟
Mandarin: 无线上网密码是什么? [Pinyin: Wú xiàn shàng wăng mì mă shì shén me?]*
English: I’ve got to Instagram this shit.

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