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Here Is Every Major (and Some Not-So-Major) International Cell Plan Option for Traveling

There are a lot of data plans out there (call and text too, but c’mon). It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so to make things a bit easier, here’s a chart with the details on international plans provided by major cell companies in the U.S.

Though there’s an overwhelming favorite when it comes to the carrier of choice, chances most of the people aren’t in the market to switch for just a couple of days. Verizon and T-Mobile rely on preexisting plans to dictate speeds and data overseas. Others like AT&T and Sprint add on data, minutes and messages specifically for international use. And watch out with overage fees… for instance, Sprint’s International Data Pack add-on charges $10 per megabyte!

Two tech giants have international data plans as well. Google’s Project Fi offers talk, text and data at flat rates in over 120 countries on Nexus 5X, 6 and 6P. AppleSIM offers a variety of different data plans (price varies by country) for iPads in 90 countries.

AT&T’s Passport, Sprint’s International Speed Data Roaming and T-Mobile’s High Speed Data Passes have multiple options for how much data customers can purchase (tho, T-Mo is offering free LTE in South America and Europe for the rest of the year!). Others, like MetroPCS’s Canada Unlimited and Verizon’s TravelPass are flat-fee international extensions of preexisting domestic plans. The data is so convoluted that it can be hard to digest it all.

Please note, this chart doesn’t include international pay-as-you-go options. They usually aren’t a good deal when abroad for more than a few days. Like, Verizon charges $2.05 per megabyte and Sprint charges $0.019 per kilobyte without a plan (that’s $19 per megabyte!). Yikes!

Carrier / PlanCallsTextDataPriceCoverageOverage Fees
AppleSIM––––Options vary by countryPrices vary by country90 countries––
Passport (Basic, Silver and Gold)$1.00 / minute, $0.50 / minute, $0.35 / minuteUnlimited200 MB, 300 MB, 800 MB$40, $60, $120190+ countries, 100 w/ LTE$0.25 / MB, $0.20 / MB, $0.15 / MB
Boost Mobile      
Todo Mexico PlusUnlimited (to U.S. and Mexico)UnlimitedUp to 8 GB1$5 / monthMexico, high speed where available––
International Connect PLUSUnlimited calls to landlines, 200 minutes to select mobilesUnlimited––$10 / monthLandline coverage covers 70+ countries, mobile coverage covers+ 50 countries––
Project FiUnlimited (domestic)Unlimited$10 / GB$20 / month (talk and text)120+ countries––
Canada UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedBased on plan2$5 / monthCanada, speeds based on plan––
Mexico UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedBased on plan3$5 / monthMexico, speeds based on plan––
World Calling200 minutes200 messages200 MB$10 / month21 countries, speeds based on plan––
Open World4UnlimitedUnlimited1GBIncluded20 countries, 2G$30 / GB
 $0.20 / minuteUnlimited––Included130 countries, 2G$30 / GB
Worldwide Voice CanadaOutgoing calls to U.S. and Canada free / receive calls in Canada at $0.20 / minute––––$2.99 / monthU.S., Canada––
Worldwide Voice$0.99 – $5.99 / minute5––––$4.99 / monthCountries not included in International Value Roaming––
3G International Speed Data Roaming Pass––––100 MB / 1 day , 200 MB / 7 days, 500 MB /14 days$15, $25, $50150 countries, 3G & LTE where available––
Canada and Mexico Data Pack––––55 MB, 175 MB, 325 MB$30, $75, $125Canada, Mexico; LTE where available$4.00 / MB
Multi-Country Data Pack––––40 MB, 85 MB$40, $8072 countries, 3G & LTE where available$10 / MB
Simple Choice$0.20 / minuteUnlimitedUnlimitedIncluded140 countries, 2G––
High Speed Data Passes––––100 MB, 200 MB, 500 MB$15, $25, $50140 countries, LTE where available––
TravelPass6Preexisting planPreexisting planPreexisting plan$2 / dayCanada, Mexico; LTE where available––
 Preexisting planPreexisting planPreexisting plan$5/ daySpain, LTE where available––
 Preexisting planPreexisting planPreexisting plan$10 / day100 countries, LTE where available––
Mexico & Canada100 minutes100 sent / unlimited received100 MB$15 / monthCanada, Mexico$10 / 100 MB, $0.10 / minute, $0.10 / text sent
 500 minutes500 sent / unlimited received1 GB$25 / monthCanada, Mexico$20 / 1 GB, $0.05 / minute, $0.05 / text sent
Global Plan$1.79 / minute$0.50 sent / $0.05 received100 MB$25 / monthCountries outside TravelPass coverage$25 / 100 MB
 100 minutes100 sent / unlimited received100 MB$40 / monthCountries outside TravelPass coverage$25 / 100 MB, , $0.25 / minute, $0.25 / text sent

6 footnotes

  1. $35 Unlimited w/ Growing Data receive 1.5GB of data; $45 Unlimited w/Growing Data receive 2.5GB of data; and $60 Unlimited receive 8GB of data.
  2.  3GB for $40 base rate plan, 5GB for $50 base rate plan and unlimited for $60 base rate plan.
  3.  3GB for $40 base rate plan, 5GB for $50 base rate plan and unlimited for $60 base rate plan.
  4. Coverage depends on traveling region.
  5. Discounted from original rates.
  6. Customers are charged only on days the device is used.
Here Is Every Major (and Some Not-So-Major) International Cell Plan Option for Traveling via @maphappy
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