Mad Libs! The Airline Complaint Letter That’s Already Written for You

It’s surprising that no one has made a Mad Libs-style complaint form yet. Because American seriously f&*!ed up over the weekend.

Fortunately, this form can be used for almost any situation; fill in any pertinent details. There’s not even a need to construct real sentences because we’ve already done that for you!

Give it a little whirl in the old copy and paste into your email of choice (AOL?), but most likely this is best used for printing some serious hate mail the old-fashioned way.

(This form covers domestic North American airlines. For those flying on international airlines, you guys already have it made with those damn EU protections and whatnot, bastards.)

Besides, the holidays are here, so its time to get that fighting gear on. Suit up, people.

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If it was only more like this. (Jenna / Flickr)

The customer complaint form.


I am writing into say that recently flew onrecently.

I was flying on confirmation on flight # on when the flight was . The airline wasn’t able to do anything to rectify the situation for another hours.

I would have appreciated it if the airline .

My frequent flyer number is . Is there any type of compensation I can receive for the inconvenience?

This has caused me to rethink flying with the airline in the future, and I am disappointed in the service received.

Looking forward to your response and hope we can reach a solution.


Mad Libs! The Airline Complaint Letter That’s Already Written for You via @maphappy
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