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Notes From the Road: I Left My Phone Charger at Home.

Dear Adam,

Sorry, I know you literally heard from me 20 seconds ago because we WhatsApp like 900 million times a day, but you know how I barely made it out of the apartment alive? Well, guess what, I was so tired that I ended up leaving my PHONE CHARGER at home.

I realized this only after I played the acoustic version of Angus & Julia Stone’s “Chateau” on repeat after 900 times on YouTube (its soooo good), I drained my battery about 2/3 of the way through before I made it onto the first connection.

I know.

I think I should be fine. The only thing I have to worry about is two phone calls I have to make on the rest of this trip, and I can just use my laptop to dial in, or find a way to rub some sticks and stones together to make a satellite phone in the Carolina mountains. Oh, I totally forgot to tell you, I’m in Asheville, which is apparently pre-Austin before Austin got all hip and expensive. And anyways, I don’t really care about making that call on Friday, it’s with a dude I don’t even like, but yeah, hmmph, work, guess.

I don’t think there will be any cool Instas, though, I have to take them on my real camera.

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Blue Ridge mountains in North Carolina. (apasciuto / Flickr)

I should definitely find a way to write down those restaurants that American Airlines flight attendant told me about before I forget, though. She was really into some Chocolate Bar (can’t find it online), and recommended a place called Hickory Tavern. I did ask for some BBQ recs, cause Carolina, and she suggested Luella’s Bar-B-Que, so I’ve got to check that out when I’m not eyeing the lobster and escargot at The Biltmore tomorrow.

Apparently some more of the more fruity places include Corner Kitchen, and a snooty brunch place called Tupelo Honey (it does sound good, though. Shoo Mercy Sweet Potato Pancakes, which includes fried chicken, apple cider bacon, spiced pecans, eggs, grilled fruit, and pickled blueberries! Jeesh).

(UPDATE: It was okay, but Sunny Point Cafe was much better!)

Anyways, I talked to the front desk earlier at the The Holiday Inn Asheville-Biltmore East (have to talk to housekeeping later) and they only had stupid iPhone chargers so at some point I have to go to Target.

Oh damn, I just realized I have no way to Uber around town if my phone is dead

gotta go Love you


Notes From the Road: I Left My Phone Charger at Home. via @maphappy
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