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Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for Reading. 🦃

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Sometimes it is time to dump a tradition on its head, but it is our annual tradition to write a note of thanks to our readers every year, and this is one we don’t see going away. Thank you, to all six million of you that clicked on an article, emailed, WhatsApp’ed, etc. since this site started. Have a smooth trip, eat some turkey and turn off that computer for a little bit (except to fire up Netflix, of course). We’ll be here when you return.

And thanks to the travel industry, for creating so many problems that we never seem to run out of problems to solve!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for Reading. 🦃 via @maphappy

An Open Letter

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This week, we are not going to have any more new stories. Everyone should take the time to process and deal with the election results how they want to.

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Thanks for Reading.

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This was the holiday I missed the most when I lived in China: my friends and I would pool together over $100 to buy a small, uncooked turkey. Then we’d shop it around to find the one out of 20 of us that actually had an oven to cook the darn thing. To this day, it’s not quite Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie.

So thanks for reading and traveling with us. It means a lot.

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Santa does a lot of traveling every holiday season so it’s only fair he gets some status this year, amirite? Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for reading! Here’s from me, Karina and Sydney to you, wishing a belated holidays, much cheer and lots of (fun!) travel over the season. Go to Vegas or something.

Merry Christmas Everyone! via @maphappy