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For Real, Vacation Shaming Is Still a Thing?

It is apparent that in 2019 we’re still heathens and haven’t moved into a more enlightened phase where people can properly enjoy their well deserved time off.

The 5th Annual Alamo Rent A Car Family Vacation Survey asked 1,502 adults about their relationship with their workplace while on vacation. Though the audience seems to be mostly families, it does offer interesting insights into vacation shaming, which is basically making others feel bad for taking time off. 

(By the way, emailing with a proper vacation out-of-responder message is considered actual harassment in my books. Everyone is entitled to a digital detox from time to time.)

The survey yielded these tidbits:

  • 61 percent of workers put pressure on themselves to work while on family vacation.
  • 48 percent feel “vacation shamed” (guilt for taking vacation days) and alarmingly, 53 percent of those who shame others say they’re serious about it!
  • 27 percent of families say they sometimes feel pressured to post photos of their vacation on social media to show they’re having a good time. [ed’s note: 🤔]
  • 41 percent of families say they often need additional time off to “recover” from their vacations, up from only 29 percent just a year ago.

On the bright side, over third of respondents (37%) say that have  committed to an unplugged vacation, and the vast majority of 92% say they were successful in keeping to that process.

Begging the question:

By the way, a whopping 36 percent say they vacation shame others at work. Seriously?

For Real, Vacation Shaming Is Still a Thing? via @maphappy
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