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Russian Airline S7 Airlines Is Offering Miles for Staying at Home

S7 airlines is offering miles to members of its frequent flyer program for staying at home. 🙂

Perhaps, in the last few weeks, this is one of those little news items that make us absolutely smile (aside from Kristen Baker’s hilarious skit!). The Russian airline is offering folks willing to stay at home a little sweet gift for not infecting the rest of humanity.

There’s not much to do. Obviously, it requires a S7 frequent flyer account to deposit the miles in, so aside from signing up, all people have to do is click a button each day between March 30 and April 30. For every day the button is clicked, S7 will reward travelers 100 miles for a maximum of 30,000 miles.

(The website is largely designed in Russian, so we’d recommend using Google Chrome which should automatically translate it! It’s a bit finicky to deal with, not gonna lie.)

These miles also count toward status, if that is something that matters. There is no cancellation of the miles until 2021.

For us, it’s mostly a way of stockpiling miles for the next time we hit the open road! The Trans-Siberian has never looked better.

Here are the full promotional details (after being translated into English):

Rules of the “Fly at Home” Promotion

1. Basic concepts and definitions

These conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Conditions”) determine the procedure for the Promotion “Fly at home” (hereinafter referred to as the “Promotion”).

1.1 The organizer is Sibir Airline JSC, OGRN 1025405624430, with the address: 633104, Novosibirsk Region, Ob, Mozherina Avenue, 10, office 201, TIN 5448100656 / KPP 997650001, OGRN 1025405624430, OKONH 51300, OKPO 18014126 , r / n. 40702810644020102657, at the Siberian Bank of the Sberbank of the Russian Federation, Novosibirsk, cash account 30101810500000000641, BIC 045004641, (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”).

1.2 S7 Priority (also the S7 Priority Program, or the Program) A frequent flyer program that uses the services of S7 and Partners, as determined by the Program Rules. Program management is carried out by S7. Participation in the Program provides Program Members with the opportunity to earn Miles for using the services of S7 and Program Partners, as well as use Miles to purchase certain services provided by S7 and certain Program Partners.

1.3 Promotion – a marketing initiative of Siberia Airlines JSC, which implies the possibility of obtaining an additional number of miles determined by Siberia Airlines JSC by the Promotion Participants in order to increase loyalty and additional incentives for flights with Siberia Airlines JSC (hereinafter – “Flying”).

1.4 Member of the Promotion (hereinafter referred to as the “Member”) is an individual registered in the Promotion and S7 Priority Loyalty Program.

1.5 Personal Account – a personal account in the S7 Priority frequent flyer program.

1.6 Website – a set of text and graphic data on the Internet, available to Internet users at any time and anywhere of their choice and located at a unique domain address https://www.s7.ru/en/stayhome/.

2. Rules for participation in the Promotion

2.1 The Promotion provides the right to receive up to 3000 bonus miles for the entire period of the Promotion.

2.2 Log in to the Site using the email address or personal number of the S7 Priority Program Member.

2.3 To receive miles, the Member must click on the “I’m at home” button on the Promotion Website. For one click of the button, 100 bonus points are awarded, which are also counted for obtaining status in the S7 Priority Program.

2.4 On a day, the Participant can click on the button no more than once. Only one Participant can log in from one device.

2.5 The participant must allow the transfer of geolocation in the browser and on the mobile device. Otherwise, miles will not be awarded.

2.6 After clicking on the “I’m home” button at least once, all miles on the Personal account of the Program Participant, including those accrued earlier, become fireproof in 2020.

2.7 The period of participation in the Promotion is from 30.03.2020 to 30.04.2020 inclusive.

3. Other conditions of the action

3.1 The accrual of miles on the Promotion occurs in accordance with the Program Rules within 10 days after the end of the Promotion. Miles are awarded to members of the Loyalty Program with the status of open, active or suspended. Participants of the Promotion will receive a notification by e-mail indicated in the Personal Account of the Program upon crediting miles.

3.2 These Terms and Conditions shall prevail with respect to any other information about this Promotion posted in the media and S7 Airlines transportation sales offices.

3.3 The Organizer reserves the right to make changes (including cancellation) to these Terms at any time without prior notice to the Participants. Any changes come into force from the moment the text of the revised terms of the Promotion is published.

3.4 The Organizer undertakes to ensure the complete confidentiality of the Personal Information of each Participant and not to transfer personal information to third parties, with the exception of its subsidiaries, partners and in cases where the disclosure of information is prescribed by law.

Having provided his personal data, the Participant agrees that the Organizer has the right to use it to realize the interests of the Participant when accruing miles in the Promotion. TO AVOID Doubts, THIS PARTICIPANT IS NOTIFIED THAT THERE, WITHIN THE PERFORMANCE OF IMPLEMENTATION OF THE INTERESTS OF THE PARTICIPANT, THE ORGANIZER CARRYES OUT THE PROCESS OF THE STAFF. THESE ACTIONS ARE CARRIED OUT BY THE ORGANIZER IN ACCORDANCE WITH FZ No. 152 “ON PERSONAL DATA” of the Russian Federation. AML personal data processing PARTICIPANT IN THE CONTEXT OF THESE CONDITIONS meant any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) COMMITTED PROMOTER WITH MEANS AUTOMATION OR WITHOUT USING SUCH VEHICLES WITH PERSONAL DATA, INCLUDING COLLECTION, WRITE, accumulation, storage, clarification (UPDATE, CHANGE), EXTRACT, PARTICIPANT accept the transfer of personal data, provided by the organizer, THIRD PARTY – counterparty ORGANIZER (INCLUDING In cases where such transmission is a cross-border transfer of personal data in accordance with Article 12 ABOVE federal laws.), In the case where such transfer IT IS NECESSARY FOR REALIZING THE PARTICIPANT’S INTERESTS WITHIN THE ACTION, UNDER THE CONDITION THAT THESE TRANSFERRING AND FURTHER PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA ACCORDING TO THIRD PARTY WILL BE IMPLEMENTATIVE APPLICABLE LAW OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION.

3.5 The Promotion Organizer is not responsible for the operation of the equipment or software used during the Promotion, as well as for any technical error or errors that occurred during the Promotion, including the omission and deletion of information, interruption of communication, delay in the operation of the software or transmission information, failure of the telephone or communication lines, mobile or satellite networks, overload of the Internet data network or load on the website server, failure of programs th security, theft or destruction or unauthorized access.

3.6 If for any reason this Promotion cannot be carried out in accordance with the approved plan due to technical problems, unauthorized interference, fraudulent activities or for any other reason that is not dependent on the Organizer and is able to influence administration, security, fairness and proper course of the Promotion, the Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any person who tried to intervene in the process of the Promotion, as well as cancel, suspend e Shares or change the terms of its holding.

Russian Airline S7 Airlines Is Offering Miles for Staying at Home via @maphappy
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