How To Take Killer Food Photos In a Dark Restaurant

If you eat at a three-star Michelin star restaurant, and didn’t take pics, did it really happen?

(The answer is yes, yes it did, and I’m sure the gut is there to prove it.)

But that’s not the point. It’s about making everyone absolutely jealous and making sure the dinner prixe fixe at EMP1 gets catalogued for all of Instagram time (and Facebook time, while you’re at it). However, in most fancy restaurants, the lighting kinda sucks for taking awesome food photos. Dinner is about ambience, not photography.

Instagramers and food photography pros @befatbehappy and @jasoneats turned us on to this one fix:  Shining a cell phone flashlight, and then covering the light—but not the lens—with a tablecloth napkin will create the right lighting conditions for a great photo.

Harsh, fluorescent white lights are never fun, hence the tablecloth, and the flashlight can really be any source of white light.

This is an actual picture of @befatbehappy and @jasoneats in action. Go follow them, please.

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The camera always eats first.

Their feeds will make you hungry.

Case in point, a pavolva, in its various incarnations.

Without Light:

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With Light:


1 footnote

  1. Eleven Madison Park
How To Take Killer Food Photos In a Dark Restaurant via @maphappy
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