Lyft Introduces Business Profiles for, Surprise, Business Travelers

In the constant, neverending arms race between Uber and Lyft, Lyft is finally launching business profiles for riders today. Though picking between Uber and Lyft is still like choosing between Honey Nut Cheerios and Captain Crunch, perhaps the one downside for Lyft riders was that it was nearly impossible to separate receipts from personal and business rides.

Lyft’s business profiles will enable riders to create a separate profile with the option to charging a separate default card (like, you know, a business card), having it tied to a work email (thank the Lord), the ability to add notes , and sending it to Concur, one of the biggest business services for expensing a receipt (because no one likes to be on the hook for it)..

Users will have to sign up via the website because it currently looks like there is no way to establish a business profile on the app just quite yet, though an app update is expected fairly soon.

Uber already launched the ability to separate personal and business rides last November. Just a couple of months late. (Almost exactly six months ago, but who’s counting?)

Lyft Introduces Business Profiles for, Surprise, Business Travelers via @maphappy
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