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Ask Siri “What’s Up?” to Discover Overhead Flights

 Ever wondered where that plane in the sky is headed? Siri knows everything.

Travel blog One Mile at a Time posted this neat trick that’ll get iPhone users the info on overhead flights in their area a while back. (This feature has been around for a while.)

Simply say โ€œAsk Wolfram what flights are overhead.โ€ In a few moments you’ll get a detailed list of all flights visible from your phone’s current location. Users get airline and flight number, as well as the altitude and angle from the horizon. Distance and aircraft type are also available.

Here’s what I got when I tried it with my phone:

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This information is part of a larger set of encyclopedic reference and educational apps produced by Wolfram|Alpha. Don’t worry if you’re iPhone-less; there’s a Wolfram|Alpha app available for Android as well.

Ask Siri “What’s Up?” to Discover Overhead Flights via @maphappy
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