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Stop Fighting for Overhead Bin Space Already

Beccaauuse no flight attendant is going to say your bag is not making it on the flight and goodbye! to every piece of clothing you own. You officially now have to wear the same outfit every day.

On my last flight, I was the second-to-last passenger to board  a completely full flight (let’s just say I like to really push how much TSA PreCheck will work in my favor) and maybe I just happened to wake up on the right side of the bed that morning but I couldn’t have cared less if my ginormous bag made it into an overhead bin. Because there’s no real reason to stress.

  1. Look at the overhead bins and your place in line.
  2. Assume there is no longer overhead space near your seat.
  3. Find the first empty slot that will fit your bag, even if it’s not above your seat.
  4. Slide it in.
  5. Go to your seat, enjoy life.

Sure, it makes grabbing things from a carry-on during a flight cumbersome but I usually pull out what I need because I hate grabbing things mid-flight. But even if you end up on the losing side of that fight, then this is what happens:

  1. Grab what you need for the flight.
  2. Get your bag gate-checked. It doesn’t cost anything.

No reason to herd like cattle.

Stop Fighting for Overhead Bin Space Already via @maphappy
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