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Tell Us Where You’ll Go After Lockdowns Are Lifted.

Everything is changing faster than a hand on a clock, Iceland is opening up in a month, and if you’re like us, you’ve been holed up thinking, daydreaming and figuring out what you want (and honestly, where you’re going next).

Tell us, where the next destination is, because there’s truly nothing better than planning the next adventure. Sometimes, its even more fun than going on the trip. Is it your bucket-list item? Is it to see family and friends?

(As crazy as it sounds, it doesn’t seem like we are the only ones contemplating actually going to Iceland. It’s been on the bucket list for years, if not almost a decade, but we were always turned off by how vastly popular it became over the last couple of years. Nothing like the great expanse of the great outdoors after being cooped up in a Manhattan apartment for what seems like years?)

More importantly, it’s made us rethink everything: From where we want to live, what we want to be doing in the next year, and digging deep into that bucket list of places that we never got to go to, and put off for years and years because “Mongolia would always be there.” (That is, until you realize there are things out of your control like the Azure Window falling into the ocean and entire countries like Syria blowing up with all its ancient artifacts).

So go ahead, tell us.

Tell Us Where You’ll Go After Lockdowns Are Lifted. via @maphappy
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