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These Airlines Are Grounding Their Planes During Coronavirus

If it hasn’t been clear in the last few days, it is not the time to be traveling.

In fact, if you are, the main priority should be getting home. It also may be possible the airline that you are flying on might cease operations in the next few days.

Most airlines are starting to significantly reduce their fleets, and in extreme cases, laying off a majority of their staff. Though we had been initially keeping a list of suspended routes, things seem to have gone next level. More than a few airlines are grounding the majority (meaning, than 70 percent) of operations, planes, routes, and staff.

Some airlines have cut off all international routes for the foreseeable future, or stopped flying altogether. Brussels, for instance, will ground their entire fleet for a month.

Here’s a quick list that we’ll update as the situation changes.

Air Canada*Suspending the majority of international flights by March 31.
Air GreenlandSuspending operations until April 8.
AirlinkSuspending operations until April 20.
Alaska Airlines*Suspending 70% of flights through at least until the end of May.
American Airlines*Suspending 75% of international flights from March 16 to through summer and winter.
Brussels AirlinesSuspending all flights from March 21 to April 19.
Cathay PacificSuspending capacity by 96% through May.
Delta Airlines*Suspending 70% of operations, with no announced plan for rolling back cuts.
Emirates*Suspending completely at least for 14 days starting from March 22 (will start resuming some flights May 21). These will largely remain in effect until July 1.
Ethiad*Suspending completely at least for 14 days starting from March 22.
flydubai*Suspending completely at least for 14 days starting from March 22.
Hawaiian*Suspending most long-haul flights by March 26.
JetBlue*Suspending flights by at least 40% over March and April.
JetstarSuspending all flights and operations until at least the end of May.
LufthansaSuspending majority of flights through May 3.
Norwegian Airlines*Most long haul flights already canceled. All will be canceled by March 21.
Oman Air*Suspending all flights by March 29.
Porter AirlinesSuspending all operations from March 20 through June 1.
QantasSuspending all flights and operations until at least the end of May.
Scandinavian Airlines*Suspended all operations on March 18.
Singapore AirlinesSuspending 96% of capacity through the end of April.
Starlux AirlinesSuspending all operations from March 21 through April 30.
South African AirwaysSuspending all international flights through May 31.
Turkish AirlinesSuspending all domestic flights until June 4, and all international flights until June 10.
Virgin Atlantic*Suspending 80% of flights by March 26, and slowly grounding majority of fleet through April.
Virgin AustraliaSuspending international flights from March 30 through June 14.
United Airlines*Suspending 90% of international flights by April.
WestJet*Suspending international flights by March 22.

*Suspended for an indeterminate amount of time.

Obviously, this list will get longer the longer it goes on.

These Airlines Are Grounding Their Planes During Coronavirus via @maphappy
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