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Relocation Service imoova Is Another Option for Road Trip Rentals

Tis the season for the summer road trip. Instead of renting a car, why not move a car that already needs to be moved for bucket loads of savings?

Rental agency imoova comes recommended as an option for affordable one-way car rentals courtesy from the Map Happy WhatsApp group . (The caveat is that a traveler may not know availability until closer to the travel date, though. We have no direct experience with this company.)

imoova seems to be an Australian and New Zealand-based RV rental service primarily geared toward offering travelers cheap RV rentals by offering them the chance to relocate vehicles that need to be moved from one place to another. Pickings in the U.S. are slimmer, but some of their deals do go as low as $1 per day.

For most rentals, there seems to be a set return date. Drivers are given a set amount of time for the return.

Blogger Shelli Stein at Travel with Grant notes that:

Depending on distance and urgency, anywhere from 3 to 10 days is typical. Most importantly is how many hours of the day you’ll be driving. Most rentals seem reasonable, allotting an average of 2-3 hours per day.

One quick glance at a sample RV being relocated from Los Angeles to San Francisco yields a quote for $1 per day for four days, with a return date on June 23.

But along with the fee, there is also a $25 booking fee along with a 600-mile limit, so there’s that, adding up to $29 in total for four days. (The booking fee is definitely something, and most car rentals allow unlimited mileage.)

There is also less flexibility for cancelling reservations.

However, for cross-country trips, imoova could be a viable option. Don’t expect widespread availability like a typical car rental agency, but it’s a great option for those one-way winding, meandering trips, plus all the fun of camping in a car. 

Relocation Service imoova Is Another Option for Road Trip Rentals via @maphappy
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