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Erica Ho
Photo Credit: David Hughes

I guess you want to know who Erica Ho is.

I travel first and write second, even though I started the other way around. I used to be a reporter for TIME in Hong Kong and, before that, a closet geek over at Gizmodo and Lifehacker. I also like to eat Mexican food and unfriendly kangaroos for dinner.

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How the British Airways Avios Changes Affect You

One of my favorite secret little “hacks” is using British Airways to redeem points for domestic fights via American Airlines. read more »


Stop Fighting for Overhead Bin Space Already

Beccaauuse no flight attendant is going to say your bag is not making it on the flight and goodbye! to every piece of clothing you own. read more »


Uber Partners With Capital One for 20% Discount

First came Marriott, then came Capital One in a baby carriage. read more »


Consider the GoBites Duo If You’re a Traveling Foodie

You could argue that spending money on a travel spork is either one of the most useful or useless things ever. I live to eat, so I don’t care. read more »


The Secret To Packing Light

…is buying a small bag. read more »


The Quick Guide to In-Flight Exercises

I consider Karina the expert on this one but in case your eyes glaze over every time they see a block of text, here’s a concise guide. read more »


Get Through Airport Security in Practically Record Time

Learning to perfect the TSA ritual is a rite of passage everyone’s gotta go through at one point or another. read more »

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Vasile Hurghis / Flickr

If I’m an advocate for anything, it’s to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean or simply across the river. The extent to which you can walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food, it’s a plus for everybody. Open your mind, get up off the couch, move.


Who Has the Cheapest Calling Rate Overseas?

In which we pit the two heavyweights, Google Voice and Skype, against each other. read more »


Know Instantly Which Side Your Car’s Gas Tank Is On

I’m dumb. Every time I rent a car and pull up to the gas station, I just pray the fuel is on the driver’s side because who in their right mind checks beforehand. read more »


Indulgent Travel Porn: National Geographic’s ‘Living in the Age of Airplanes’ Debuts April 10

I’m watching a documentary about airplanes up in the air on a private plane flight circling over Los Angeles. Did I mention Harrison Ford is involved? Yep, that Harrison Ford. read more »


The Most Hardcore Methods for Finding Cheap Flights

The best way to get the cheapest flight is to search for alternate days and alternate airports, right? Wrong. read more »


The Five Essential Bags Every Serious Traveler Needs

If you’re gonna jetset around the world multiple times a year every year, you’re going to need some serious gear. read more »


Just a Quick Note

Each week, I personally oversee every story that gets published here, or am in the midst of writing several myself. read more »

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Texts From the Boarding Gate

Standing in line is boring but using it as time to get lost in a text conversation is not. *Warning: This contains material that is NSFW.* read more »

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