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Alaska Airlines Introduces Free In-Flight Messaging (Texting Not Included)

So, while everyone was shuffling their feet back to work, Alaska buried the fact they’re now offering free in-flight messaging on all of their planes.

In a rare move unprecedented in the industry, there is absolutely no catch for travelers. Its completely free and allows passengers to to text through data-connected apps like iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. In fact, those are the only supported apps.

(T-Mobile also offers free in-flight texting and messaging, in addition to supporting some other apps that aren’t on the official docket.)

The website goes on further to clarify that, “sending photos, videos, or SMS messages is not supported.”

In order to take advantage of it, all passengers need to do is turn on their phone’s Wi-Fi, connect to the “gogoinflight” network and select the “Free Chat” option.

It will be available until the end of the year; there’s no information whether this feature will be extended past 2017.

Let us know how it goes if you’re able to check it out!

Alaska Airlines Introduces Free In-Flight Messaging (Texting Not Included) via @maphappy
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