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Where to Credit Finds the Best Frequent Flyer Program for Flights

These miles, they are useless, the whole lot.

I have spent way too much of my time and energy figuring out this frequent flyer game to realize I don’t care that much. Things I do care about? Finding a partner who feeds me chicken noodle soup when I’m sick and surprises me with trips to Fiji. The last part was the most important. Take note.

But in the meantime, I’m on my own, figuring out how to maximize those miles so I can give myself the gift that keeps on giving (free trips, Ted Baker dresses). The Where to Credit website steps in here, telling users exactly how that Asiana flight in C class credits across its own airline alliance. I no longer have to open multiple tabs, visiting each airline’s fare accrual chart to figure it out.

I guess love is about the little things.

But both you and me know one dinner does not equate to a lifetime commitment. No, the Where to Credit Calculator must be regularly updated since airlines policies constantly change. A cool open-source project, no? The browser extension seems like shit, though, but that’s not a dealbreaker.

There are so many things I’m looking for if I’m flirting with a flight out of town: (1) the alliance the airline is in, (2) the fare class of the flight, and (3) how that fare credits to any of the seventeen! goddamn loyalty programs I am part of. SEVENTEEN.

Point being, I need to make SURE I’m getting the most miles I can get out of the whole damn trip. How do I know for sure, though? Maybe by implementing character reference checks to be on the safe side.

So, Turkish Airlines U class credits to an amazing 0% on the airlines all around. No cigar, no kiss.

I don’t know why I even

Where to Credit Finds the Best Frequent Flyer Program for Flights via @maphappy
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