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Erica Ho
Photo Credit: David Hughes

I guess you want to know who Erica Ho is.

I travel first and write second, even though I started the other way around. I used to be a reporter for TIME in Hong Kong and, before that, a closet geek over at Gizmodo and Lifehacker. I also like to eat Mexican food and unfriendly kangaroos for dinner.

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These Are the Most Popular Routes for Road Trips

Thinking of hitting the open road this summer? read more »

bar quicklowdownenglandhero-mh

The Quick Lowdown to England

Chuck Thompson once wrote, “I love England because it’s like a grown-up America, a fact I’m reminded of as soon as I get on a British Airways flight or hop into a London cab and people stop treating me as though I’d just learned to finger paint.” read more »


How To Minimize Window Reflection in a Photo

There’s always spectacular cloud formations going on. The main caveat: the picture has to be taken through an airplane window. read more »

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Why You Really Can’t Trust Airbnb Reviews At All

Ever met a perfectly pleasant stranger and then you were asked to critique their communication, habits and home? That’s essentially what leaving an Airbnb review is like. read more »


It’s Totally a Stupid Idea To Buy 3.4 oz Bottles

The carry-on limit for TSA is 3.4 ounces but unless you can survive on three products alone it’s pretty dumb. I’m sorry, I’m not Bear Grylls. read more »


JetBlue’s Video Series on Flight Etiquette Totally Nails It.

This is why you don’t pick a window seat unless you’re prepared for the consequences. Brace yourself for summer, y’all. read more »


How To Beat Lyft Line’s Surge Pricing

With a little patience, it’s possible to swing the odds to get an even better deal on a Lyft Line — and to lock it in. read more »


Frontier’s Baggage Fees Get a Price Hike Today

But what most people probably don’t realize is that there is a very, very simple way to avoid them. read more »


Would You Travel More or Travel Posh?

Explain if you don’t fall into either camp!


How To Get Rid of Harsh Lighting in a Photo

This one is a simple trick — so much that I’m like duuuuh 🙈 again. read more »


How the British Airways Avios Changes Affect You

One of my favorite secret little “hacks” is using British Airways to redeem points for domestic fights via American Airlines. read more »


Stop Fighting for Overhead Bin Space Already

Beccaauuse no flight attendant is going to say your bag is not making it on the flight and goodbye! to every piece of clothing you own. read more »


Uber Partners With Capital One for 20% Discount

First came Marriott, then came Capital One in a baby carriage. read more »


Consider the GoBites Duo If You’re a Traveling Foodie

You could argue that spending money on a travel spork is either one of the most useful or useless things ever. I live to eat so I don’t care. read more »


The Secret To Packing Light

…is buying a small bag. read more »

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