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Erica Ho
Photo Credit: David Hughes

I guess you want to know who Erica Ho is.

I travel first and write second, even though I started the other way around. I used to be a reporter for TIME in Hong Kong and, before that, a closet geek over at Gizmodo and Lifehacker. I also like to eat Mexican food and unfriendly kangaroos for dinner.

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This CollegeHumor Vid Is Totally Worth Watching

“How do you let a man in a suit tell you when you get to be naked in the sun?”


The Real Cost of Luggage Delivery Services

Luggage delivery services are silly because I figure it’s just cheaper to fly it back on the plane. But there comes a time where you’ve gotta back it up. read more »


Do You Have a Preferred Airline Alliance?

Don’t worry, if you’re a freewheeling hippie that has no allegiance, we can still be friends too. Jump in the comments and let us know why!

bar goingaloneorinagroup-mh

The Difference Between Solo and Group Travel

The topic has been written ad nauseam but I feel compelled to dispel a few myths. For instance, you do not actually save more money by traveling with others. read more »


Should I Apply for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck?

Is a question I get asked a lot. Short answer: Global Entry includes TSA PreCheck. And it’s only $15 more. You’re welcome!


The WhatsApp Web App Is Pretty Dumb

WhatsApp does international texting better than anyone else and I should have been thrilled it’s now possible to use on your computer. read more »


The Zodiac Sign’s Guide to Your Next Vacation

Hi, I’m a Sagittarius, like long walks on the beach and yes, yes I do very much want to go to the Iceland. read more »


Map Happy Gets Offline Friendly

Need to print something or send it to a Kindle for quick reference? Great, cause it’s now easier to bring our posts on the road. read more »


The Curse of the Window Seat

There is much power in the window seat, and with great power comes great responsibility. read more »


RideGuru Compares Prices for Uber, Lyft, Taxi Services

Next: comparing the cost of a space shuttle home. For now, let’s settle for comparing regular taxis, Lyft, Uber, Sidecar, Gett and anyone else who’s on the bandwagon. read more »

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Explaining Fifth Freedom Flights (and Why They’re Great)

I won’t lie, the first time I heard of a “fifth freedom flight,” it conjured up images of “freedom fries” for me. But the advantages of taking a fifth freedom flight can be far superior than taking a normal flight. read more »


The My TSA App Is Actually an App You Need

I know: it’s a government app. But it’s the one government app out there that isn’t completely useless. read more »


The Guide To Bringing Sports Equipment Onboard

Last time I checked, ski season isn’t exactly over yet. Too bad bringing on sports equipment is the death knell of all baggage fees. read more »

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This Spreadsheet Will Calculate How Much You Save By Bringing Your Own Liquids

I have to admit I’m pretty terrible with this one. My method of coping with travel-sized toiletries is stealing them from hotel bathrooms and randomly stocking up during Target shopping trips. read more »


Goodbye, Zimride! Try These Rideshare Alternatives

Zimride is no more. At least for those who aren’t part of a university or business network affiliated with the company, anyways. read more »

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