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Our Guide for Surviving the Holiday Travel Madness

Lo and behold, holiday season is upon us. It also means that everyone and their mom and their mom will be at the airport, so here’s how to make it to Grandma’s house in one mental piece.

To your benefit, I’ve compiled a list of Map Happy’s best travel tips, wrapped up in one neat little bow. You’ll probably need every trick in your book to get through the airport alive and with some semblance of your sanity intact. Ready for an epic turkey-sized vacation?

The list is divided into five sections, with the foci on packing and preparation, airport arrival, flight incidents, arrival and any hotel issues you may have. As an added bonus, any post with a little

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pertains to issues that come with international travel for those who plan to travel a little further.

Unfortunately, this list should make the travel rush a little bit more bearable, but it won’t really help you with the truly terrifying part: spending time with family. Godspeed.

Travel Preparation

When You Arrive at the Airport

While You’re On the Plane

Once You Arrive at the Destination

Dealing With Hotel Issues

Our Guide for Surviving the Holiday Travel Madness via @maphappy
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